Wooden Venetian Blinds

Classic Natural Wood Blinds For The Rustic Lovers

What is a Wooden Venetian Blind?

Wooden Venetian blinds are made of real, genuine wood that can give your furnished window a deep, rich look.

They are commonly made with stained finishes and have some colour choices. It is also the same type of blinds with PVC Venetian blinds.

timber venetian blind material samples


As the name suggests, these blinds are made of natural wood.

wooden venetian blind


Heavy duty natural wood venetian blinds which gives your home a deep, rich look.

Office Venetian Blinds


A classic style for blinds with a range for wood finishes. It is easy to operate.

Should You Get Wooden Venetian Blinds For Your Home?

If you like classic blinds, we would say yes. 

If you want to have an easier maintenance, we would recommend our PVC Venetian blinds. Because they also come with wood grain prints!

Wooden Venetian blinds provides an elegant look to your home. Most times, they are the centrepiece of the living room or bedroom.

They are the best match when you have wooden parquet or vinyl flooring with wood grain.

bedroom brown wood venetian blind

Why We Recommend PVC Venetian Blinds Over Timber Ones?

Natural wood, like your wooden flooring, are sensitive to water and not waterproof.

This means that you need to take extra care to not let water stay on your blinds for too long. 

Or take extra care when cleaning your Venetian blinds. 

This makes them susceptible to bloating overtime.

PVC or PS Venetian blinds can last longer and is easier to maintain due to the composite material. 

study room brown venetian blinds

How To Care For Your Wooden Blinds?

The details are in the slats so on a regular basis, dust it or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Please note to use a slightly damp cloth as it’s made of natural wood and if it gets into contact with water, it can start bloating!

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Benefits of Using Wooden Venetian Blinds

Heavy Duty

We make use of strong natural wood and these wood are heavy duty so they can last for years with proper use.

Easy To Operate

You can easily control the amount of light and privacy you require by twisting the tilt wand.

Classic Style

Venetian blinds have remained in style since the 18th century because of its sleek design and functionality. You will never worry about not keeping up with trends!

Range Of Finishes

We offer a wide range of slat finishes where you can choose from painted or stained finishes to coordinate with your interior design.

Minimal Maintenance

Wooden Venetian blinds are just as easy to maintain as PVC Venetian blinds with a little bit of extra care.

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