16 Reasons Why You Need Day & Night Curtains

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16 Reasons Why You Need Day & Night Curtains

What are Curtains?

Window curtains are fabric which can be hung up on a curtain track or curtain rod. Most commonly, it is used to cover up windows for privacy but can also be used as a room divider or door entrances.

What is a Day Curtain?

Day curtains are sheer, lightweight fabric materials used for day time. Other than providing privacy, it can filter out harsh morning. It also brings in natural soft sunlight to your home.

What is a Night Curtain?

Night curtains are opaque, heavyweight fabric which you use during day & night time. Other than providing 100% privacy, it is also used to block out harsh sunlight, heat and moon light.

Night curtains can come in various type:

normal dimout, dimout and 100% blackout night curtains.

Normal dimout are used in living room or study as it can block out up to 65% of sunlight. Which means it still allows your room to be bright enough for day time activities.

Dimout curtains can block up to 95% of light. They are good for bedrooms or living room with movie or drama lovers. It’s a popular and affordable option if your family is not sensitive to lights when sleeping.

100% blackout night curtains will block 100% of the lights during day & night time. You can achieve total darkness with such curtains.

If you are sensitive to lights, let our consultants know that you need total darkness in your room. Your curtains can touch the floor or be even longer to have total darkness.

Reasons Why You Need Day & Night Curtains

Most common reason would be: Privacy.

Whether it’s in the living room, study or bedroom. We know you value privacy and the feeling of safety when you are spending time with your family. The solution to having privacy is to install window coverings. Privacy concerns can be thrown out the window with day & night curtains.

You can install day and night curtains separately depending on your needs. But, we always recommend layering day & night curtains especially in the bedroom.

Below, we discuss 16 reasons why you need to have day & night curtains in your home. So you’ll get a clear idea why you need day and night curtains in your home.

1. Day Privacy

As its name suggests, you use day curtains during the day for privacy. It stops your opposite neighbours or corridor passerby from peeping or spying on you.

Night curtains can do the same job but it makes your room darker and you may have to turn on the lights.

2. Night Privacy

With lights turned on during the evenings, it causes contrast in lighting – outside it’s dark, inside it’s bright. Day curtains will not work anymore.

Instead, you need dimout night curtains to shield you for night privacy. Its thick and opaque fabric will not even allow your shadows to pass through.

3. Sleep

We talk about this a lot and have a whole write up in our benefits of curtains. Night curtains will help you get restful sleep. Period.

Night curtain dims and can even black out your bedroom to make it dark and comfy for sleeping. It’s been scientifically proven that lights can affect our sleep quality. You fall asleep quicker and get deeper sleep.

We know that there may be people who are afraid of the dark. But it’s not smart to:

  • Leave your windows bare (allows people to peep while you sleep)
  • Use day curtains in the bedroom or
  • Use a night lamp.

Because your sleep quality can affect your relationship with your spouse, children and even work!

4. Protect Furniture

Curtains will diffuse harsh morning or evening sun coming through your windows. This protects your leather sofa, wooden furniture, white shelves or TV console from UV damage over time.

5. Light Control

It’s too bright during the day?

Use your day curtains. Diffuse the harsh sunlight.

Not too bright now but it’s scorching hot?

Use your night curtains now. It blocks out more of the UV ray and heat wave so you can lay on your sofa or take a good nap during the afternoon slump.

6. Elongate Height of Room

Do you have recessed ceilings (false ceilings)? Or raised flooring?

Full height curtains can give your room an elongated look. Having both day and night curtains here will make you feel less claustrophobic in your own home.

7. Look Grand With Two-Layers

One of the wish lists of homeowners is to make their home look grand. And they chose day and night curtains to bring this to life.

We won’t deny that curtains would always bring out a more luxurious and finished look than bare windows.

8. Calm & Soothing Atmosphere

Curtains have natural curves and brings in the soft element to your bedroom. It creates a soft and relaxing ambience for sleep.

This is a great help not only in your bedroom but also your toddler and children’s rooms. Our children associate the soft elements and darkened room with sleeping.

9. Nursery Room Must Have

Speaking of children, curtains are the #1 must-haves for parents with infant & young children!

When waking them up, draw apart the night curtain and reveal the day curtains. This helps wake up them gently without the shock of harsh sunlight in their face.

Night curtains darken the room and also help their brain & body to recognise that it’s time for a nap or bedtime.

10. Helps Prevent Flying Bugs

Day curtains normally don’t come with tie-belt because we let them down all the time. This blocks out most of the bugs coming into your home unless they are flying slowly and under your curtains…

11. Block Out Morning Sun

Some of us live in East facing homes or we don’t but our opposite neighbours do.

If you are the former, the morning sun entering your window hurts your eyes!

If you are the latter, the reflected morning sun hurts your eyes too!

Day & night curtains can block out the harsh sun or the reflected morning sun for you efficiently.

12. Fengshui

Have a special colour you need because your Feng Shui master told you about it? Curtains have a wide array of fabric styles and colours you can choose from!

Feng Shui is about bringing harmony.

How else to bring in more harmony, peace and feeling of safety?

Other than knowing that your private life remains private because no one can look into your home?

13. Electricity Bill Saving

With day and night curtains layering, you won’t have a dark room or heat wave entering your home.

You can save a lot in electric bills because you won’t need to on the air-conditioner or lights during the day!

14. Noise Reduction

Night curtains fabric are thick and will have a small distance from your windows. This means that they provide a good insulation against exterior noise.

Although it’s not soundproof, it can provide you with lower noise pollution. Especially if you live near the roads, car park or when there’s works going on outside.

15. Dust Reduction

One of the functions of curtains would be: Trap Dust.

This is a positive function but some may find it negative. Hear us out.

If you don’t put down day curtains, the wind would be blowing in these into your home:

  • dust
  • debris
  • leaves
  • unknown particles or even
  • your neighbours’ trash which they’ve thrown from their window!

At night if you do not use the aircon, you can also open your windows while letting your curtains down.

This allows air circulation but will not allow harmful or dirt from entering your room.

You can clean the dust trapped by your curtains easily by doing light vacuum every 1-2 months. Or taking down the day curtains for a gentle wash every 3-6 months.

It’s hassle free and quick to dry because the fabric is thin and light!

16. Easy to Operate

Some blinds (Venetian or Roman blinds) can be complicated to handled. And some homeowners worry about how their kids or parents (elder) will operate them.

It may be heavy or confusing for them to operate because of the various functions.

But curtains do not have all these mechanisms and is rather foolproof. You only have to draw them open or close, or tie them up with your tie belts. Simple for children and elderly!

Conclusion: Why Is There A Need For Day And Night Curtains?

You might think you don’t need it now. But don’t be like what our homeowners who said, “I didn’t want to buy because of xxx and now I find my home look unfinished”.

Or “I didn’t want to put day curtains because I’m not home all the time”. But now they need it because they realised that weekends are not relaxing with neighbours across them looking in.

Above are some simple reasons to have day and night curtains. They may seem trivial but when put into long term perspective, a simple investment in custom curtains can save you a lot of stress!

Think about your children & your privacy. And the sleep quality or your furniture damage due to UV rays. Are these troubles worth more than a set of curtains?

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