Smart Zip Track Blinds

Smart Zip Track Blinds

Outdoor Balcony Weather Protection System

What Are Smart Zip Blinds?

What Are Smart Zip Blinds?

Smart Zip Blinds (or Zip Track) are outdoor blinds with track guided system to protect you, your family and your furniture from elements.

This motorised outdoor blind with guided track springs into action fast when you need protection from the rain or harsh sun.

The tracks help your blinds to stay in place even when there’s a heavy thunderstorm.

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1% or 5% openness Phifer (USA) fabric and available in Somfy or Dooya motors.

Motors: Somfy Maestria 50 RTS (France) OR Dooya (China)

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Low openness keeps indoor dry even when it's raining. It's also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and fire retardant.

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Handsfree automated system, able to create a room out of your balcony, and more!

Should You Get Zip Track For Your Balcony?

Should You Get Zip Track For Your Balcony?

In Singapore, we are always exposed to two elements: the harsh sunlight or rainy conditions. This limits the time you will be able to spend outside with your family.

If you bought a masionette, penthouse, condo or landed property, you will have real estate of a balcony, porch, patio or rooftop.

When it gets too hot or when it starts to rain, there is no way for you to stay in those open areas. Even more so, the sun and rain may cause more issues for you at home!

But if you have smart zip track installed, with just a press of a button or speaking to Google, your zip track blind will spring into action.

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Why Do You Need Smart Zip Outdoor Blinds?

Why Do You Need Smart Zip Outdoor Blinds?

Were you ever worried about the safety of your family and the damage your home will have due to the open elements of your home?

No Bugs & Mosquitoes

We have customers who are worried about not just their privacy since the balcony is very much open to their neighbour’s views, but also concerns about bugs and mosquitoes.

With the 1% or 5% openness of fabric, the smart zip blinds will prevent any bugs from entering your home!

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Keeps You Away From Harsh Sun

Why would you want to stay out in the balcony or rooftop when it’s so hot out there with nothing to protect your skin?

The Phifer (USA) fabric can block out and reduce UV rays and glare! 

This means that you can safely relax or your children can play in the balcony, porch or rooftop anytime in the day.

In addition, your furniture will be well protected from discolouration or sun damage.

Protection From Heavy Rain & Winds

The other thing to worry about would be rainwater, thunderstorms and strong winds.

The benefit of a smart zip track blind is that you need not fight against the rain or wind when they come in order to draw down the blinds. The automated system will do it for you, fuss free.

Some owners face the issue of their outdoor blinds flapping around in the sudden rain combined with wind. And that is an unpleasant experience to have.

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Being wet just from operating your blinds. What’s more, your balcony would also likely be wet by the time you’re done!

Smart zip track blinds is able to resist up to 140km/h of wind speed and can block out rain while it’s operating. When the rain comes, simply press a button on your remote or phone and it does the work for you to block out rainwater* and wind.

*If your home is constantly exposed heavy thunderstorms, there may be a slight chance of rain seeping in. Please choose the lowest openness.

Keeps Your Home Clean

Is your home wet after the rain or dusty from the winds?

Is it difficult to clean up?

The smart zip blind is able to prevent all of these for you! 

With an optional wind sensor, it will automatically activate when it senses strong wind. This will reduce a lot of dust, debris and other pollutants from coming into your home!

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Smart Zip Blinds VS Outdoor Blinds

Smart Zip Blinds VS Outdoor Blinds

The competition of smart zip outdoor blinds are manual outdoor roller blinds

When we compare Smart Zip Outdoor blinds vs Outdoor Roller blinds, the differences are very obvious.

Flapping In Strong Winds

Flapping In Strong Winds

Manual outdoor blinds without a track is not able to withstand strong wind speed especially in high rise condos.

When outdoor blinds flap around, it’s dangerous for your family and also lead to leaking of rain water into your home.

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Misalign Or Gather Over Time

Misalign Or Gather Over Time

Smart zip blinds’s guided track ensures fabric alignment is straight and doesn’t waver or gather.

But for manual outdoor blinds, the long term flapping due to high winds can cause it to misalign and gather over time. This makes it even more difficult to operate.

How To Care For Your Smart Zip Blinds?

How To Care For Your Smart Zip Blinds?

They require minimal care as they are outdoors and can keep away dusts from your home. For internal section, of the blinds, you can use a brush, lint roller or damp cloth to clean it.

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Benefits Of Using Smart Zip Track Blinds

Benefits Of Using Smart Zip Track Blinds

Safe From Rain & Thunder

Blocks out 90% of rain water which prevents the floor from getting wet, or water from gathering (mosquitoes!). The blinds also stay in place during harsh conditions so no one will get injured.

Stays in Place

Unlike manual roller blinds, the guided track keeps the fabric in its place when it's raining. This makes it safe and easy to operate when a thunderstorm is here.

High Privacy

Top notch privacy with the 1% or 5% openness of fabric. You or your kids can play in the balcony or living room without anyone spying on them!


Easy one touch operation with remote control. Our smart zip track blinds are motorised so that you can get it to work as soon as the weather changes.

Another Indoor Space

Make your outdoors, indoor. With the sturdy guided tracks and fabric, you can create another room out of your balcony or rooftop!


Zip track outdoor blinds are built for outdoor elements which means they are built to last! We provide a 5 years warranty on the motor!

Protects Furniture

Your outdoor furniture and indoor furnitures would be protected from harsh sun and bad rain conditions!

Resist High Winds

The fabric can withstand up to 140km/h wind speeds which keeps it sturdy from the occasion crazy weather!

Sun Protection

The Phifer (USA) fabric have UV-ray blockage and protection. This protects your family's skin health,

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