Unislat Smart Curtains

Versatile, Flowing Soft Curtain for Windows

What is a unislat smart curtain?

Unislat smart curtains looks like blinds but are actually a mix of blinds functionality and material of curtains.

Smart curtains are lightweight, with a combination of sheer and dimout fabric that acts as both a day and night curtain.

It is soft like a curtain but lighter and allows airflow when compared to standard fabric curtains.

Its mechanisms act like a blind where you can control light and air flow!

day curtain fabric label


Our smart curtains are made with lightweight polyester.

blackout curtains fabric sample


The lightweight material gives a soft, dreamy look to the room.

smart curtain partial open side view


Provides privacy control, allows air circulation and is easy to clean and operate.

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Should You Get Smart Curtains for Your Home?

If you have had curtains all your life, Unislat smart curtains can be a good change as it’s essentially a blind but acts as a curtain.

It comes with all the functions just a like a curtain, yet it has even MORE CONTROL compared to curtains.

What’s even better is that smart curtains lets air and wind come into the home so you get to reduce harsh sunlight and bring natural air in! This will definitely reduce your electric bills and save you more in the long run.

smart curtain side view

How To Care For Your Smart Curtains?

As mentioned, they already have an anti-pollutant coating layer. This coating reduces the amount of dust and dirt build up and keeps your family safe from allergens.

To maintain your smart curtains, you can simply dust it occasionally, wipe it down with a damp cloth or when it’s too much to handle, ask us for a cleaning service.

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Benefits of Using Smart Curtains

Soft Texture

The soft fabric texture gives your room a calming, flowing look. You might be confused that it looks like a large blind but on closer look, it’s just like curtains!

Privacy Control

With the combination of material and it construction, you can easily gain control over the privacy of your home and family.

Allows Air Circulation

The “day curtain” part of the Unislats provide the same effect as sheer, lightweight day curtains. It blocks out harsh sunlight and let in only soft light.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

They are easy to maintain because most of our materials are made with anti-pollutant coating.

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