Roman Blinds

Cascading Window Shades for a Rustic Style

What Is A Roman Blind?

What Is A Roman Blind?

Roman blinds are cascading blinds which stacks up when you draw it up.

They have a traditional country look that never goes out of style when they are drawn up.

It is a great window blind for high level of privacy and light control while giving your room a luxurious, high-end look to your home.

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Fabric from Roman blinds are made with the same type of fabric as curtains - polyester.

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Since they use curtain fabric, you can opt for dimout or blackout Roman blinds.

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Functions as a shade or night time blinds. Blocks outside view for privacy.

Should You Get Roman Blinds For Your Home?

Should You Get Roman Blinds For Your Home?

Roman blinds can act as a shade, dimout blind or blackout blind. Other than the functionality, it is an aesthetic blind. To determine if you should get Roman blinds would be a question of whether you like the design of its hanging fabric. The cascading hanging fabric is what draws attention to you or your visitors when they first come into your room. If you want to find out how to get Roman blinds for your home or office, let us know!
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Roman Blinds comes in three types:

  • Roman Shade (60% dimout)
  • Dimout 
  • Blackout

Roman Shades (60% dimout)

Roman Shades (60% dimout)

We recommend the Roman shade if you want day time privacy. It will be a lightweight blind which lets natural light shine through.

A 60% dimout fabric can be used for the living room or study room to let light come in while providing privacy and reducing distractions.

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Dimout Roman Blinds

Dimout Roman Blinds

There’s an option for 85% to 95% dimout making it suitable for all kinds of room except the kitchen or toilet.

Up to 95% dimout fabric can be used for the bedroom to darken your room at night for sleeping.

Blackout Roman Blinds

Blackout Roman Blinds

100% blackout fabric can be used for Roman blinds for someone who’s sensitive to lights.

However, if your window is big and requires multiple sets of blinds, there will be a gap in-between each set of blinds. This is to caution that there will be some light leaks due to the gaps.

Operating The Roman Blinds

Operating The Roman Blinds

Another thing would be that you can only draw up Roman shades to reveal more light from the window. It does not have the control like Korean blinds or Unislat smart curtains. But it’s certainly a pretty cool window treatment!

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How To Care For Your Roman Shades?

How To Care For Your Roman Shades?

Roman blinds scan be maintained by using light vacuum setting with brush attachment.

You can also use a damp microfibre cloth with diluted soap to clean away stains then wipe dry with a dry microfibre cloth.

Not Folding Properly

Sometimes Roman blinds may not be cascading or folding the way it should. To counter this, you can hand fold the blinds at the area you want and steam iron it on low temperature to help it stay.

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Benefits Of Using Roman Blinds

Benefits Of Using Roman Blinds

Light Diffuser & Blocker

Depending on the fabric you choose, Roman shades can go from providing soft light to block out function. Let us know what you want!

Home Privacy

Get the privacy you need when you use Roman shades as they can be drawn down to the full size of your window.

Wide Range of Colour

You can choose from a wide range of fabric colours to match the design of your room.

Always Trendy

This is a classic, traditional style of window treatment that will never go out of trend. In fact, it’s getting more in-trend especially for modern minimalistic or zen bedrooms!

Roman Blinds in Singapore

Roman Blinds in Singapore

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