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What Are Roller Blinds?

Blackout or Perforated Roller blinds are blinds operated with a pull cord where you draw it up or down.

It is wrapped around a casing and can fit in your window recess or on top of your window frame. 

This slim and minimalist blind is an affordable and popular choice for home offices & bedrooms!

roller blinds fabric sample


Comes with 100% polyester or blended with 30% polyester and 70% PVC.

roller blinds slim profile


Lightweight and sturdy blinds that rolls up and down smoothly.

perforated roller blinds feature


Provides you with protection from sun, privacy and easy maintenance!

Should You Get Roller Blind For Your Home?

Does the following sentences fit you?

  • You want a blind that’s easy to operate even for elders and kids.
  • You want to have easy maintenance.
  • You want a slim and clean look for your windows.
  • You are looking for an affordable window blind.
living room grey roller blinds

Here are some things you need to know about roller blinds..

They are currently the most affordable blinds to install in your home. Because they have the least mechanisms to be produced.

This means that it is:

  • Very easy to operate even for young children
  • No complicated operating mechanisms to learn for the elders at home
  • Easy to clean & maintain since there’s minimal parts involved
  • Has a slim profile which takes up very little space

They can give your home a stylish and modern look because it runs down vertically. Vertical lines will make your home look taller, neater and clean.

It comes in multiple colours and even prints with design and patterns which you can choose from.

Types of Roller Blinds

There are two main types of roller blinds:

  • Blackout roller blinds
  • Perforated roller blinds

Blackout Roller Blinds

dark grey home office roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds are often used in bedrooms, home office, living rooms or offices.

They provide the maximum privacy both day & night you can get from your neighbouring flats or strangers n the corridor or walkway.

The thing about blackout blinds is that it will block out all lights when you draw it down. It will make your room dark which is suitable for sleeping, but not so suitable for day time. 

You will need to turn on the lights to keep the room bright.

But! You can still control it! Find out more on how it works below.

Perforated Roller Blinds

kitchen shade perforated roller blinds

Perforated means there are perforation holes on the blinds. This means that the blinds will allow light to come in.

It’s like sheer curtains but unlike day curtains, perforated blinds are great for kitchen or service yards where harsh sunlight comes in when you’re cooking for dinner.

Or when you often see your neighbour looking at you while doing laundry.

Sounds great right? But this is not a suitable blind for the bedroom!

service yard privacy roller blinds

When we understand how light works, stronger light will pass through into darker areas. 

This means that day time light will come into your home.

But when it’s night time, your room light will be brighter than outside. Your shadows and figures can be seen by your neighbours once again.

Which is why we recommend it mostly for the kitchen or service yard.

How Roller Blinds Work

You can operate roller blinds as such:

  • Allow partial light in by drawing it a few inches above your window
  • Draw halfway for more light
  • Draw up entirely for full view of the window and light
  • Draw down fully for complete privacy 
study room beige roller blinds

An Alternative To Roller Blinds

If you prefer to have more control over the sunlight and privacy, check out our blinds catalogue or Korean Blinds can be something you should look into.

How To Care For Your Roller Blinds?

For maintenance, you only need to dust them occasionally and to be more thorough, use a vacuum with a brush attachment on low power. If you happen to get any stains on the blind fabric, mix mild detergent with water and clean the it gently.

Ready To Get Your Roller Blinds?​

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Benefits Of Using Roller Blinds

Attractive Design Choices

There are multiple fabric, material and design and patterns you can choose from for a roller blind installation. Get something that matches your home!

Sun Protection

They can help to block out harsh UV sun rays just like curtains. In addition, they can also act as insect repelling screen especially when you install Smart Zip blinds.

Privacy For You

Although there are various fabric types, all of them are able to provide partial to total privacy within your control.

Easy Operation

Choose from manually operated to motorised roller blinds. All within the touch of your hand or fingers!


You will always get high quality tubes for your blinds so they are able to last for years! A worthy investment!

Roller Blinds in Singapore

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