Window Furnishings For Commercial Properties

Privacy Of Your Company, Cohesive Environment For Your Employees

Should You Get Curtains and Blinds For Your Office?

Offices come with large windows. Large windows means there will be:

  • Big area for direct sunlight
  • See through from outside

The Insufferable Heat & Glare

This means when there’s direct afternoon sunlight, you or your employees will face insufferable heat.

We’ve had clients telling us that the late afternoon sun have caused their staff to lose their mood or be distracted from work. In the long run, this can bring down the morale of your staff seated in the “hot seat”!

manger room office night curtains

The Big Window Of No Privacy

Big windows which are not tinted allow the offices or strangers to see through what’s going on in your company.

In walkways, this can create distraction for your staff when they see people walking around or feel people watching them.

Both of these main distractions are what you want to avoid in the company.

Using window blinds can help your team to focus on their task at hand instead of what’s going on outside.

meeting room vertical blinds

What about other parts of the office?

There is a good reason why the manager’s office or meeting room often comes with blinds or curtains.

Managerial or C-level employees are high performing roles and they need as little distractions as possible – the same goes for meeting rooms.

Blinds or curtains allow your managers and subordinates to have privacy when they are having discussions. And keep meetings privy from others who are not involved.

perforated roller blinds

Types of Blinds Commonly Used

  • Venetian blinds for managerial offices
  • Roller blinds or Unislat for schools
  • Perforated roller blinds as shade for office
  • Dim-out curtains for beauty salon & massage parlour
  • Unislat or day & night curtains for hotels

Blinds & Curtains for Commercial Use

  • Whole office window solution
  • Managerial offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference room
  • Schools
  • Beauty salon
  • Massage parlour
  • Hotel / hostel rooms

Getting Your Commercial Blinds & Curtains?​

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Benefits Of Office Blinds & Curtains

Cooling Office

Keeps office cool and you will save on electricity bills

Reduce Glare

Prevent late afternoon sun glare from computer screens

Staff & Customer Privacy

Allow your staff to have privacy

Dedicated Room

Keep your manager's office private

Room Divider

Partition different areas such as pantry, equipment or storeroom

Interested in commercial blinds?

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