Dimout Night Curtain

Light to Dark Dimout Curtains, Block Out Sunlight & Gives You Full Privacy

What is a Night Curtain?

Night curtains are fabric which is common used at night. It blocks out view from outside and also dims or darkens your room.

It is mostly used to aid you to have a good sleep.

dimout night curtain fabric label


Our night curtains are usually in polyester.

dimout night curtain fabric sample


High quality, soft and durable fabric. Lasts you a long time when well maintained.

dark grey dimout night curtain


60%-95% block out capability. From translucent to opaque, you can fit them in living room to bedrooms.

Should You Get Night Curtain For Your Home?

Find out if you should by answering the questions below:

  1. Do you need a dark environment so you can go to bed?
  2. Does your baby or child wake up when there’s lights?
  3. Do you feel like you’re being watched when you’re at home?
  4. Do you value privacy of you & your family?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you need night curtains especially in your bedroom(s)!

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Why do you need night curtains?

Sleeping Well

We know the importance of having a good sleep. Without a good sleep, you will not be able to function properly at work or take care of your family to your highest potential.

Night curtains are effective light blockers!

85%-95% dimout night curtains can help to block out street, corridor or even moon light. These are stray lights which leaks into your room and prevents you from getting restful deep sleep.

We are not sleep scientists but we sure have done our research on this! 

bedroom day and night curtains open

Light Night Curtains

Are you someone who have gotten a very light fabric as curtains in your bedroom?

Even though you have the privacy you need, do you find it difficult to go to sleep at night?

These 60% dimout night curtains are translucent and allows light to pass through. 

They are great for living rooms or home offices because they keep the room well-lit while protecting your privacy & removing distractions.

living room beige night curtains

Bedroom Night Curtains

We strongly recommend you to get night curtains for your bedroom(s)! 

This is where you lay down to relax after a long day. So you wouldn’t want to meet the eyes of your neighbour who has been watching you.

This is a common issue of our customers as well. If you were able to see your neighbour’s home, chances are they have also seen yours!

For bedrooms, we recommend for you to install a combination of dim out night curtains with day curtains.

This provides you with maximum privacy day & night.

s-fold two tone night curtains

Room Divider or Office Curtains

If you are sharing a room with someone, in an office which needs segregation or want a soft look in your office, night curtains are great options to have.

Curtain tracks can be mounted on ceiling so that you can divide your room or remove clutter from your sight.

In an office or commercial setting, curtains as a soft furnishing can help to reduce echo and make it look more cohesive.

How To Care For Your Night Curtain?

You can maintain your curtains weekly by dusting or lightly vacuuming it with the brush attachment. For thorough cleaning, machine wash it according to its care instructions.

Ready To Get Your Night Curtains?​

Get the best solution for your night curtains now!

benefits of Using Night Curtains

Maximum Privacy

Never feel vulnerable in the close proximity of your neighbours again! No one can see into your room during the day or night!

Cooling Room

Installing night curtains can help to reduce your electric bills as it acts as an insulation to keep the heat out.

Dark Room

Our standard night curtains are always 85%-95% dimout and by combining it, you get an even darker room

Good Night’s Rest

Blocks out most stray lights and keeps your room dark so you are bound to get a good night’s rest.

Completed Dimout Night Curtains

Interested in Night Curtains?

Drop us a message on what you need and we will provide you with the best privacy & sleep solution!

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