Korean Combi Blinds

Korean Combi Blinds

Stylish Privacy Korean Zebra Blinds For Your Home

What Are Korean Blinds?

What Are Korean Blinds?

Korean Combi Blinds is a combination of alternating opaque and translucent panels made into a blind. By adjusting the roller, you can control the amount of light and level of privacy you need. You can also raise the blinds fully to get a full view out of your windows.

This combination commonly gives it a black and white or multi-coloured look which is also why it’s called Zebra or Rainbow blind. 

korean bilnd opaque and sheer panels


Made with polyester and perforated material. This allows you to control the sunlight and privacy you want in your home.

beige dimout korean blinds


Korean blinds are lightweight blinds with mesh-like material to block out lights. They can also be “thin” enough to filter soft light in!

black white zebra blinds


It is an effective light blocker for the bedroom and also for your privacy. It can also be personalised to the colour(s) you want.

Should You Get Korean Blinds For Your Home?

Should You Get Korean Blinds For Your Home?

We recommend the Korean Combi Blinds if your home is based on modern or minimalist interior design. It is great for homeowners who wants to have high levels of privacy control and lighting in the room. Because you can get to adjust the blinds according to what you need each day. The blinds rolls and glides seamlessly when you adjust the panels to brighten or darken the room. And zebra look also gives your room cool and stylish lines! It’s also easy to operate just like roller blinds which is an exceptional choice if you have children or elders at home.
bedroom black korean combi blind

How Do Korean Blinds Work?

How Do Korean Blinds Work?

As mentioned above, Korean blinds have alternating opaque and mesh fabric. By adjusting the blind, you can achieve partial privacy or light filtering when you align the mesh fabric to show.

If you want full privacy or to use it at night, align the opaque fabric together and it will be dark and comfy.

What You Should Know About Combi Blinds

What You Should Know About Combi Blinds

1.Light Blockage

Dimout Korean blinds can achieve up to 80% of light blockage depending on the fabric you have chosen. While we do have 95% blackout Korean blinds, you should note that there will still be light leaks from:

  • The four sides (up, down, left, right)
  • The gap between the fabric
  • When the panels are not matched properly

2. Limitation Of Width

There is a maximum width and/or square feet we can produce for a single set of blind. If your windows are very wide, we don’t recommend Korean blinds for your bedroom.

Because the blinds would be split into 2 or more sets and this will lead to more light leaks between the blinds. If you are sensitive to light when sleeping, blackout curtains would be the best option.


3. Lightweight Blinds

Korean combi blinds are very lightweight which is why it’s easy to operate. But because of this, you should not leave the blinds down when your windows are open.

Always raise your blinds fully if you want to open your windows. The blinds will swing and sway which can cause it to be damaged.

Types of Combi Blinds

Types of Combi Blinds

There’s two types of Korean blinds that we carry. Below, we explain what their differences and benefits are.

Dimout Korean Combi Blinds

Dimout Korean Combi Blinds

Dimout Korean blinds can act like dimout night curtains.

By choosing a darker colour, you can achieve an estimated 80% dimout room. This makes it suitable for a bedroom for someone who isn’t sensitive to lights when sleeping.

If you pick a lighter colour, it will act like a shade. It’s almost like the 60% night curtain we’ve talked about. Soft light will pass through during the day and at night, you still get the privacy you need

korean blind shade in children's bedroom

95% Blackout Korean Combi Blinds

95% Blackout Korean Combi Blinds

We disclaim that blackout Korean blinds are only 95% block out and we have a good reason for that. Technically, the blackout opaque panels here lets 0% light through. But because the construction of Korean blinds includes mesh, and blinds normally will have gaps due to its drum roller mechanism. It’s bound to have a certain level of light leaks. This will be different when you are looking into blackout roller blinds or blackout curtains. Below is a photo comparison of dimout Korean blind (left) vs blackout Korean blind (right). You will see that there are some light leaks whereas for the blackout version, the light leaks are very minimal.
dimout vs blackout korean blinds comparison

How To Care For Your Korean Blinds?

How To Care For Your Korean Blinds?

For maintenance, you only need to dust them occasionally and to be more thorough, use a vacuum with a brush attachment on low power. If you happen to get any stains on the blind fabric, mix mild detergent with water and clean the it gently.

Ready To Get Your Korean Blinds?​

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Benefits Of Using Korean Combi Blinds

Benefits Of Using Korean Combi Blinds

Full Light Control

Easy to filter light into room or darken your room. It's very versatile to be used during the day or night which makes it great for bedrooms.

Maximum Privacy

When adjusted to filter light, the mesh panel still helps to maintain privacy so neighbours can't peek into your home.


Choose the colours, customise the size or if you want it to be manual or motorised! Match it to your needs and lifestyle choices.

Easy Operation

Simple to operate just by pulling the cord or pressing a button on your remote control (for motorised version).

Korean Combi Blinds in Singapore

Korean Combi Blinds in Singapore

Interested Korean Blinds?

Drop us a message on what you need and we will provide you with the best privacy & sleep solution!

Interested in Korean Blinds?

Drop us a message on what you need and we will provide you with the best privacy & sleep solution!

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