How Much Do Custom Made Curtains Cost?

Condo bedroom bay window day night curtains grey

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How Much Do Custom Made Curtains Cost?​

Condo bedroom bay window day night curtains grey

A single set of custom curtains can cost between $200 – $500 depending on the size required by your window.

Therefore, custom made curtains in HDB home and condos generally can range between $300 – $3000.

How Much Do Curtains Really Cost?​

Based on our records, on average, custom made curtains would cost about $1500 for a 4 room HDB or 3 room condo flat.

One of the best choices you would ever make is to get custom made curtains for your home. These curtains are tailored to the size of your windows which gives you the maximum prevention from light leaks!

But as a homeowner, you may be concerned about the cost of having custom curtains made. We are here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE to get high quality curtains without compromising on your budget for home renovation.

In this post, you will find out the expected cost, how custom curtains quote can be compared to blinds and what kind of service you can expect from us.

living room bto curtains

Are Curtains Expensive?

Getting the right curtains for your home should be seen as a long term investment. It is your best friend when it comes to privacy, sleep, heat and more.

They should not be seen as expensive because in the long run, here are a few benefits which can become priceless:

  1. You get to enjoy privacy and peace of mind that nobody else can see what you and your spouse or kids are doing at home.
  2. Curtains can last for years with proper care & maintenance.
  3. You can get better sleep with a good set of curtains every night and even every day!
  4. You newborn or children will be able to sleep soundly when the room is dark.
  5. You will become more efficient at work and have energy to spend time with your family when you are well rested.
  6. Your curtains can help to trap dust and keep your family healthy and safe.

When we look at the most popular curtains, dim out night curtains, which comes with 85%-95% blockout function, they are valued at an average $3.00 per square foot (psf). While day curtains are at $1.80 psf.

*Note that at the time of writing, these are the quotes of standard fabric. There are other ranges of fabric or configurations which may cost more.

But just by looking at psf, you may not be able to get a good idea of how much it actually cost.

Our expert consultant provides free advice on site on what you would need to get when you install curtains with us.

So, what is the average cost of curtains?

Let us look at a standard BTO flat which our customer has:

Fernvale Acres 4-room BTO Floor plan

When we are looking at BTO flats, the average height of each room is about 2.5m tall.

All curtains are done wall to wall (width) and full length as this would give you the best light blockage and privacy.

Here is the breakdown:

RoomEstimated MeasurementsEstimated Quote
(Dim Out Night Curtain)
Living/Dining Room3450mm x 2500mm (92.8 sf)$279.00
Bedroom 33000mm x 2500mm (80.7 sf)$243.00
Bedroom 23000mm x 2500mm (80.7 sf)$243.00
Main Bedroom3150mm x 2500mm (84.7 sf)$255.00
Total Estimated Cost$1020.00

With this quote, you can get:

  • Free on-site measurement
  • Sample see & touch
  • Curtain tracks
  • Tie belts
  • Free installation

On average, customers are able to get custom curtains at about $1500.00 for their home.

*Note that at the time of writing, these quotes are of estimation only. The final quote is also subjected to market changes, customer choice of fabric, items, specifications and requirements.

Are Curtains Cheaper Than Blinds?

There are customers who are unsure if blinds would be a better choice compared to curtains.

When choosing blinds, customers have a choice of half height or ¾ height. Most commonly, customers would choose to have ¾ height blinds for better coverage. But this also depends on the window size you have.

Suppose your new BTO flat has a ¾ or full height window, you would not be able to install a ½ height blind!

But if you have a ½ height window, you can choose to get a ¾ height blinds for better light blockage. But this will be more costly.

Width wise, blinds are calculated window to window with additional margin on both sides and in height for better light blockage.

There are many new homeowners who prefer to use Venetian blinds in their homes.

pvc venetian blinds living room

Below would be the breakdown for Venetian blinds using the same floor plan:

RoomEstimated MeasurementsEstimated Quote
(PVC Venetian Blinds)
Comparison to Estimated Quote (Dim Out Night Curtain)
Living/Dining Room2700mm x 2500mm (54.5 sf)$495.00$279.00
Bedroom 32000mm x 1875mm (40.3 sf)$369.00$243.00
Bedroom 22000mm x 1875mm (40.3sf)$369.00$243.00
Main Bedroom2400mm x 1875mm (48.4 sf)$441.00$255.00
Total Estimated Cost$1674.00$1020.00

This estimated quotation on Venetian blinds shows that it is more costly to install blinds.

This is due to the mechanisms and production specificity of blinds. Blinds come with more parts which means they require higher level of production.

However, it is not entirely relevant to compare them just by price!

They have different functions, mechanisms and may be needed in your home for a more elegant and cohesive interior design.

*Note that at the time of writing, these quotes are of estimation only. The final quote is also subjected to market changes, customer choice of fabric, items, specifications and requirements.

Conclusion: Are Custom Curtains Worth It?

Custom curtains are definitely worth the investment when it comes to your new home & family’s well-being! In a home with curtains, the benefits are bountiful. 

There’s a huge amount of benefits you can get from curtains just by customising them.

It is a budget friendly choice for most homes  with elderly, working adults, stay home mums or even young children.

Curtains also provides a soft look to the home, a calming environment for rest and sleep without breaking the bank.

If you are working with a budget, do not have the skills to DIY, do not know what are the right measurements, you can work with our consultants to get a free on site measurement and quote. Our professional installation team will also set up everything for you.

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