Curtains vs. Blinds: Which Window Solution is Right for You?

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Though it may seem like a small detail, your choice of window furnishing can transform your room’s appearance. However, with so many selections on the market, it can be challenging to decide which to pick. Which is better: curtains or blinds?

Whether you choose curtains or blinds depends on your exact needs and requirements. Read on to learn about the factors you should consider before picking a window treatment.


Interior Design Concept

What is the overall style and look you’re going for?

For a modern and minimalist home, blinds are a good choice as they have a clean-cut look that suits industrial spaces.

For greater versatility, curtains are ideal because they come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colours. For example, you can opt for light day curtains that create an airy atmosphere in a minimalist interior or rich, velvety curtains that exude a sense of cosiness. Therefore, curtains suit a wider range of interiors.

Room Type

As blinds have simple and understated designs, they are better suited for compact spaces. Conversely, curtains are generally heavier and thicker and, therefore, better for spacious rooms.
Moreover, blinds are the better choice for moisture-laden areas like the bathroom or the kitchen, which may damage curtain fabric.


You can typically restore your curtains’ lustre by putting them in the washing machine or bringing them for dry cleaning. However, you should check their care label before machine-washing them; some curtains can only be cleaned through hand-washing or steam-cleaning.
Amongst the various types of blinds, roller blinds are easiest to maintain: you can spot clean, dry clean, or hand wash them. Maintaining Venetian and vertical blinds is less convenient; as dust accumulates on the slats easily, you need to clean each slat manually. Therefore, if you are set on buying blinds but don’t have the time to conduct regular cleaning, roller blinds are the ideal choice.


Window roller blinds are more durable than curtains as they are usually made of synthetic materials, which are resistant to discolouration and everyday wear and tear. Most blinds can last for 10 to 20 years.
Curtains may fade over time due to frequent use and washing and sunlight exposure. Typical curtains need to be replaced every 3 to 8 years.

Light Coverage and Control

Different curtains provide different levels of light coverage. For an airy ambiance, sheer and light day curtains are ideal; they allow some natural light to brighten the room. If you prefer a dim room for a cool and cosy sleeping environment, black out curtains are an excellent choice.
However, curtains do not allow you to control the amount of light filtering through. Blinds provide more control: you can wind up or adjust the slats to let in the desired amount of sunlight.

Sound Control

Curtains, especially those made of thick fabrics like velvet, provide better sound control.
Because of the gaps between slats, blinds allow sound to pass through easily. Additionally, the wind may cause blinds to hit the window sill, creating unwanted noise.


Ultimately, your choice of window furnishing depends on your lifestyle and home. Do you live in a busy and noisy area? Do you want full light coverage? What is the interior design concept?
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