Blackout Night Curtains

Blackout Night Curtains

Custom Full Blackout Curtains for Those Sensitive to Lights

What Is A Blackout Curtain?

Blackout night curtains provide 100% light blockage and has thicker fabric than normal dimout curtains.

It’s the most effective night curtains you’ll have.

Full blackout curtains for bedroom will provide you with maximum privacy and can even dampen noise from outside your home!

blackout curtains material


Made with polyester but may also come with special backing on the fabric.

blackout curtains fabric sample


Extremely heavy duty and thick. Possible to reduce external noise.

bay window 100% blackout curtain


Fully blocks out light to keep your room dark and cozy.

Should You Get Blackout Curtains For Your Bedroom?

Check if you experience the following:

  • Do you wake up when there’s the slightest light in the room?
  • Can you see lights even when your eyes are closed?
  • You can’t sleep any longer when the sun rises because there’s lights in your room?

Our body function differently. If you experience the above, we strongly recommend for you to get custom blackout curtains in your bedroom.

Custom blackout curtains will ensure that you get the maximum coverage and the best restful sleep.

It is also the top choice for parents for their infant nursery room or children’s bedroom.

Since blackout curtains are made with special and premium fabric, it will be higher in cost. So if you are a sensitive sleeper, a set of blackout curtains is the most obvious investment for quality sleep.

If you’re not sensitive to lights, our standard dimout night curtains would work just fine!

How To Care For Your Blackout Curtains?

You can maintain your curtains weekly by dusting or lightly vacuuming it with the brush attachment.

Different black out material require different care instructions. Ask our consultants when onsite for more information.

Benefits of Using Blackout Night Curtains

Good Night’s Rest

Blocks out stray lights and dampens noise from outside your home. Enjoy your restful sleep going forward.

100% Privacy

Gives you maximum blockage whenever it's drawn close. You don't have to worry about your neighbour peeping in again.

Dark Like Theater

100% blockout makes your room as dark as it can get. You might not even see your own fingers! 😉

Cooling Room

Keeps your room cool if the sun's getting too hot from outside. You don't need to keep the aircon turned on the whole day.

Completed Blackout Curtains in Singapore

Interested in Blackout Curtains?

Drop us a message on what you need and we will provide you with the best privacy & sleep solution!

Interested in Blackout Curtains?

Drop us a message on what you need and we will provide you with the best privacy & sleep solution!