15 Benefits of Window Curtains

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Benefits Of Window Curtain​

Window curtains lets you to have control over privacy, security, glare, heat and light.  Your relaxing afternoon can become annoying when the sun glares reflect off your TV screen. Drawing your day curtains can then help you reduce glare and heat! Find out what other benefits you’ll have by installation window curtains in this post!  

#1 Cooler Room Temperature

For most homes, the hottest time of the year depends on when the sun shifts. Even though Singapore is hot and humid most time of the year.  

For some, it’s June-August, while for others it’s September-December. This is because of us are living in a place where the sun shines in only every 6 months.  

So in the first half of the year, you may be feeling nothing. But in the second half of the year, the afternoon sun may feel terrible for you and vice versa!

cooler room temp

Other than switching on the fan or aircon, what else can you do? Another solution is to draw your day curtains or night curtains closed!

By reflecting off the sun light, it would mean that heat rays can bounce off instead of coming right into your home.  Since most people are using LED lights now, if you don’t have any day curtains, draw the night curtains! It will keep your room even cooler. 

#2 Reduce Electric Billsreduce bills aircon

It all adds up overtime! Imagine not drawing the curtains to reduce heat.  You would be turning on the air-conditioner.  

We all know it works better to keep you cooler than using a fan when it’s hot and humid. But the air-conditioner is one of the appliances which use the most electricity.  

This means that if you don’t use your curtains when you need to, you can end up spending more every year! 

#3 Prevent Glareprevent glare

Direct sunlight shining into your room when you are watching the TV or working from home is the worst. You are faced with three circumstances: 

  1. Glare reflecting off your screens and you can’t see well.
  2. Sun shining onto you, making you perspire on your sofa.
  3. Long term exposure leads to your furniture getting damaged.

Could you imagine this: You’re working on your laptop or desktop but the sun glare is preventing you from working effectively? This problem can be resolved by drawing your curtains to deflect the direct sun ray! Diffuse the rays with day or night curtains.  

If the sun is too strong, a day curtain may not work too well. Thus, we also encourage layering night curtains in your living room. 

#4 Prevent UV Damageprevent uv

Ultraviolet damage on your furniture is a thing! UV rays can cause damage to your furniture, roofing, fabric, and  flooring! 

Ever notice your transparent phone covers or your white shelving turning yellow? And you could never wash off the “stain”? Or the leather of your sofa cracking? These are the effects of UV damage! The UV ray comes in especially when your windows are not tinted.  

Some tinted windows can block out UVA rays but not UVB rays.

Sometimes, it’s not the direct ray but the UV ray which bounced off from the walls by your windows. UV damage will be reduced drastically when you draw your night curtains. 

#5 Prevent Unwanted Suntanning (& UV Dangers)unwanted suntan

As we become accustomed to working from home, we become more aware of what goes on at home. Even the natural heat and light we receive compared to being in an office all day. 

Since we talked about UV rays bouncing off walls, you should also be aware that you can also become tanned staying indoors (Like I did). 

With the sun shining brightly through your windows, it can cause premature aging of your skin! How can you protect your skin when you don’t want to put on sunscreen or wear long sleeves at home? 

Draw the curtains! This way, you can deflect the sun ray and prevent the UV rays from penetrating through your window glass. 

#6 Controlled Privacycontrolled privacy curtains

Have you felt that someone has been watching you?  

Ever felt creeped out when you can look into your neighbour’s home through the service yard? Because that’s how they can see yours too?

Or are you that person who looks out of the window often and can see through your neighbour’s home? Now, think about that.  

You are living in close proximity of your neighbours. You’re losing privacy because of your uncovered windows. Are you considering about curtains now? 

Day curtains can protect you during the day. When you get them installed, you need not worry about your home being dark because you need some privacy.  

Or that someone is watching you when you need to change out of your clothes in your own room. While night curtains does it magic when it’s dark out and lights at home are turned on. It blocks out their view and also keep your room dark for sleeping.  

#7 Dim Out & Blackout Goodnight’s Sleep

dark dimout night curtains

Do you find yourself sleeping better when you’re in a hotel room? Yet you can’t sleep that well when you’re at home? It’s because you don’t have a good window covering. The window treatment in hotels are meant to make the room super dark.

Some hotels even resort to layering blinds and curtains to ensure you sleep well inside! A little science & biology here. When it comes to sleep, we look at melatonin.

According to the Sleep Foundation, melatonin regulates our circadian rhythm and helps us sleep by increasing melatonin when light is reduced. 

In simpler terms, our body produces a chemical which helps us sleep at night. But this chemical doesn’t get produced well when there’s light around us during bed time.

light pass thru curtains

Our eyes and even our skin can perceive light!  

So what happens when our body is still exposed to light when we’re supposed to sleep?  

When our body is exposed to light, it stops the production of melatonin and it makes our body tell us, “hey, I’m not tired now.” It is also a reason why our body wakes up during the day. This is especially so for people who are sensitive to light.  

Do you find yourself usually wake up between 6am-8am when your body “sees” the light? This is a common problem for night shift workers and part of the reason why they don’t get restful sleep. 

Some children also find it difficult to sleep and would tell you, “mummy, I can’t sleep.” It’s because their bodies are not told to sleep.

child sleeping

Where are the lights coming from? The street lamp, the corridor, moon light, your night lamp, your phone, the neighbour’s home, the moon, etc. 

Having a good sleep hygiene is important so make sure to get a good set of curtains to aid in your sleep hygiene. 

Here’s a trick to wake up every morning if you have dim out or blackout curtains already installed:  Leave a gap open from your curtains after your first alarm rings. This will prevent you from going back to sleep. 

#8 Budget Friendly, Cost Effectivebudget friendly saving

Curtains are great options for home owners or businesses who have a budget to care for.  You can control the amount you spend with the various fabric options available. 

Compared to blinds, curtains are more affordable because it has lesser mechanisms to manufacture and assemble.  The quality of fabric we have are also very high compared to ready made curtains.

This means that your curtains can last even longer with the high quality fabric! 

Curtains are not only cost effective. They are also a foolproof item in your home where elderly, adults or children would know how to operate. This prevents it from getting damaged easily so there’s no need to get them fixed. 

#9 Acts As Room Dividerroom divider

If you live in a home with huge living room and wants to create a barrier for work vs living space, curtains can do it for you. Here are a few ways curtains can be used as a divider: 

  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Home office in living room
  • Kitchen entryway
  • Restaurants
  • Salons

This allows you to have a “new room” or privacy for your staff or guests in restaurants. 

#10 Low Light Leakslow light leaks

Usually better than blinds!  Curtains can cover a wide window width easily. It will not be heavy or damaged easily over time. 

For blinds, they will have to be split into separate sets. This is for proper weight distribution and smooth operation.

The split of blinds into multiple sets will lead to gaps in-between, meaning light leaks. (See #7 Dim Out & Blackout Goodnight’s Sleep) 

When it comes to curtains, we recommend installing wall to wall. Height wise, it can be ceiling or wall mounted, full length. With a little overlap in the middle so light leaks are reduced. 

#11 No Distractions

no distractions

Do you have a home office?  Most home offices now have glass partition walls. This means that you can see whatever’s going on outside.  

Your kids playing in the living room, TV going on, family walking around the house, etc. 

It’s a major distraction isn’t it? 

You can block out these distractions by installation curtains and draw them close when you need to do serious work! It will also allow you to have some privacy if there are guests in the house and you need some private time. 

#12 Interior Design Enhancement

Condo bedroom bay window day night curtains grey

Some interior designs have more lines and makes the home look formal.  We believe that interior design should strike a balance between soft and hard look.

By adding soft furnishings to complement hard ones. This is because our subconscious mind is constantly picking up information around us. Imagine living in an office like environment everyday.

How stressful would it feel? 

In this situation, using curtains instead of blinds will soften the overall look in your home. It also can become a striking center piece to the room. For bedrooms, curtains will make it cozy. It will allow you to create a hotel-like environment for sleeping. 

#13 Easy To Match Interior

living room beige night curtains

Window curtains come with more designs, patterns and styles compared to blinds. This makes it easy to match your interior. 

Victorian themed homes often choose curtains which look more classy and elegant. Scandinavian theme use curtains which are more plain to have a clean and soft look.  

You can look for different fabric materials or patterns to match these themes in your home. Curtains are very versatile soft furnishings.

Even most of our parents or grandparents used to have curtains in different styles.  Take for example our customer’s home in the photo below. Installing curtains makes their altar space look calm and more welcoming.  

#14 Adults & Kids Friendly

Curtains are fabric and fabric can have lots of patterns. When it comes to your children’s rooms, they may be looking for a bright, cute, or patterned design in their room. 

Some of you adults also prefer to have floral, geometric or retro designs on your curtains.

It’s easy to achieve these designs with our wide range of fabric catalogue. A win-win for kids & adults! 

#15 Easy To Clean

easy to clean

Curtains are actually much more easier to maintain and clean than you think! Most curtains do well with maintenance every month by:

  1. Dusting
  2. Lint rolling
  3. Low vacuum with brush attachment 

Curtains only need gentle wash and low/no high heat drying. It is best to hang and air dry to prolong its lifespan. It’s so simple! 

Conclusion: 15 Benefits Of Window Curtains

Above are the 15 benefits you can get by installing window curtains in your home. We highlighted the issues you will face in your home living in Singapore. With these benefits, you can create a warm, cozy home for you and you family.

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