6 Tips to Consider to Create a Cosy and Inviting Home

6 Tips to Consider to Create a Cosy and Inviting Home

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Creating a cosy and inviting home is easier than it seems: you don’t have to give your house a complete makeover. Instead, you can focus on small details and elements like lighting, texture, and colour.

Read on for some tips to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at home.

Warm Colours

Colour can completely change the room’s mood. For a cosier ambience, it is best to use colours on the warmer side of the colour wheel. Therefore, you should incorporate shades like earthy oranges, neutral browns, and muted yellows while steering clear from bright, glaring colours.

If your house has a modern or contemporary interior design concept, consider using metallic colours. Copper, brass, and rose gold are excellent options.

You don’t necessarily need to repaint the walls; a more affordable and convenient option is displaying decorative objects or everyday items with warm colours.

Warm Lighting

It is best to avoid harsh overhead lights and cool-toned bulbs. Instead, you should opt for warmer lighting that subtly illuminates the room with a candle-lit glow.

Importantly, warm lighting requires layering. Rather than having a single source of bright light, try using a combination of task and feature lighting in addition to overhead fixtures. Ambience lighting solutions like table lamps, pendant lights, or string lights are ideal.

Biophilic Design

Breathe life into your home with an inside-out interior concept.

Consider visiting a nearby plant nursery for flowers and large, leafy plants like the snake plant or rubber tree to create a comfortable interior and freshen the air. For a low-maintenance option, you could get a cactus, succulent, or an artificial plant.

Another option is to introduce wooden textures for a rustic feel. Besides having wooden floors and doors, you can invest in wooden Venetian blinds, which are sophisticated and contribute to a sense of cosiness.

Wall Art and Photographs

One way to make your home look lived-in is to hang up art pieces or personal photographs. Not only do these items communicate your personality, but they also minimise the amount of blank space on the wall, which may create a feeling of sparseness.

Soft Textures

Softening the straight lines and harsh angles inside your home can create a sense of cosiness.

As carpeted flooring may be incompatible with Singapore’s hot and humid climate, you can opt for small rugs around the house instead. Additionally, you can consider bringing in soft blankets, throws, and fuzzy fabrics and layering them on sofas and chairs.


Curtains can completely transform the room’s atmosphere.

Sheer, light-coloured curtains can create a sense of spaciousness while allowing natural daylight to filter in. However, heavy and dark-coloured night curtains can also work as they make the room seem more intimate and restful.

To reap the benefits of both day and night curtains, you can choose to use two layers of full-length curtains.


Though transforming your home’s atmosphere may seem daunting at first, it is easier than it seems. Simply focus on small details like bringing in items with warm colours, adding more layers of lighting, and changing your curtains.

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