3 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Curtain Length

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Curtain Length

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Consider how clothing of different lengths varies in terms of look and feel: for example, a pair of shorts suggests a sense of casualness and informality. In contrast, a long pair of dress pants indicates the opposite.

The same logic applies to curtains; the length of a piece of curtain contributes to its specific function and aesthetic. Read on to learn more about different curtain lengths and factors to consider when choosing one.

Common Curtain Lengths 

Cafe curtains: Unlike most curtains, which are hung above the window, cafe curtains are hung across the middle of the window. They are typically between 24 and 36 inches, ending right around the window sill, so they cover the lower half of the window and leave the upper half open. 

Sill-length curtains: As the name suggests, these curtains hover right above the window ledge.=

Apron-length curtains: They are generally 84 and 94 inches long, extending slightly below the window sill to create an apron-like effect. 

Floor-length curtains: Typically between 96 and 107 inches long, these curtains end right above the ground, although they do not touch it.

Puddle-length curtains: They are at least 108 inches long and puddle on the ground for a sophisticated look.

Considerations When Choosing

1. Consider Functionality

What purpose do your curtains serve?

If you want to protect your privacy while blocking out the harsh sunlight, it is best to choose a curtain that is at least of sill length. When it is fully drawn, there are minimal light leaks, creating a space conducive for rest.

Apron-length, floor-length, and puddle-length have light-blocking functions and are typically chosen over sill-length curtains for decorative purposes. In particular, floor-length and puddle-length draw the eye upwards and can make compact rooms look more spacious.

Consider cafe curtains if you want some natural light to enter the room. Typically used in bathrooms and home offices, these curtains allow you to bask in the warm sunlight while avoiding prying eyes. 

2. Consider Mood and Ambience

Sill-length and apron-length help create a casual, airy, and light atmosphere.

For a more formal and refined look, it is best to opt for floor-length curtains.

Regal and romantic, puddle-length curtains are best suited for formal living and dining rooms, creating a more elegant atmosphere. 

3. Consider Space and Practicality 

If appliances or furniture are under the window, sill-length and apron-length curtains are great choices. These curtains are also ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance window treatment option; as they do not touch the ground, they do not accumulate dust and dirt easily.

Similarly, floor-length curtains do not come into contact with the ground and can stay clean without much maintenance.

On the other hand, puddle-length curtains require more care as the hems can collect debris and dust from the ground. Their length also makes them a tripping hazard; hence, they are best installed in lower-traffic areas.


When choosing the perfect curtain length, it is critical that you consider various factors, such as the intended purpose, aesthetic, and desired mood. It is also vital to take into account space and practical constraints.

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